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Seals doorways and wider building openings in just minutes


Floodpanel is a re-usable, expanding, removable barrier originally developed as a door defence for residential and comercial flood-prone property's.


Floodpanel’s main benefits are the speed that building occupants can put barriers in place (as little as 2 minutes

per Floodpanel).

The Flooding Solutions Advisory Group has developed an innovative two-piece support stanchion that enables the Floodpanel Rapid Deployment idea to be applied to wider spans such as garage or sliding doors.


This Fast-Fit stanchion consists of a coupling mechanism permanently set in the slab or floor, into which a removable connecting bollard is inserted when needed. 



Flooding Solutions: A Flood Panel for Every Application


Protect your home, building, driveway, or walkway with an effective flood gate from Flooding Solutions. Flooding causes millions of dollars of damage to property in Australia annually. In recent years, flooding occurs increasingly more frequently, and it is expected to become even worse in future as the effects of global warming continue to escalate.


Benefits of a Flood Panel


The original flood gate rapid deployment barrier, manufactured by market-leader Flooding Solutions, was initially installed in residential doorways to prevent flooding of homes. Continuous advancement and refinement of this system have resulted in the system being used for many more commercial and industrial applications since.


  • Whether for a single doorway or a wider entrance, driveway, or walkway, our flood panels offer ideal protection against flooding. Designed to be rapidly deployed with minimal effort, they are the best solution for times when the rain is heavier than expected, and you need to stop the water from coming in quickly.

  • The Floodpanel system is completely modular, meaning it can easily cover a larger entrance or space. Our unique stanchion system enables the flood gates to be locked into place on pre-installed ground fittings in minutes.

  • Our flood gates are the most cost-effective flooding prevention product for homes and buildings. They are currently in use at many homes, companies, and government buildings throughout Australia.


What Sets Flooding Solutions Apart Regarding Flood Gates


Flooding Solutions is a prominent player in designing, manufacturing, and installing flood prevention products and systems in Australia.


  • Our team of engineers and fabricators work closely with government departments and universities to develop solutions for the effective protection of people and assets from floods.

  • Our products and systems are fully compliant with local and national standards. We use the best materials and superior manufacturing techniques, ensuring that our products offer unmatched quality in the industry.

  • We offer customer service of the highest standard, working closely with our customers. We take all relevant factors into account when designing, manufacturing, and installing their flood prevention measures.


As flooding is expected to become even more frequent and widespread across Australia, taking measures against damage and industry in the event of a flood becomes more critical.


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Fitting and Maintenance Instructions
Floodpanel Leaflet
Floodpanel & Fast Fit Stanchion Specification
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