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expanding panel system

Seals doorways and wider building openings in just minutes


Floodgate is a re-usable, expanding, removable barrier originally developed as a door defence for residential                  flood-prone property. Floodgate has earned one of the

world’s highest quality standards, the BSI Kitemark.

Floodgate’s main benefits are the speed that building occupants can put barriers in place (as little as 2 minutes

per Floodgate). A standard Floodgate offers equivalent

protection to fifty sandbags.


Fast-Fit Support Stanchion  - NO NUTS & BOLTS NEEDED


The Flooding Solutions Advisory Group has developed an innovative two-piece support stanchion that enables the Floodgate Rapid Deployment idea to be applied to wider spans.

This Fast-Fit stanchion consists of a coupling mechanism permanently set in the slab or floor, into which a removable connecting bollard is inserted when needed. The two sections are joined simply by tightening a T bar on top of the shaft.

The Fast-Fit stanchion has significantly increased the number of uses for the Floodgate Rapid Deployment Barrier.

Originally designed as for single residential doorways, Floodgate is now used to protect larger openings such as driveways and walkways.


Floodgate in Shop fronts
Floodgates for homes
Floodgates for homes