Ram Pull

Self Closing and Automatic Flood Barriers

The barrier that recesses into the floor – a non-intrusive solution


Flooding Solutions designed and developed the RAM PULL for retro fit scenarios where there is no opportunity to excavate into structural slabs.  


Like the RAM PUSH , the RAM PULL rises from the ground to provide instantaneous flood protection either by the push of a button or, by capturing floodwater, self closes with no human intervention whatsoever.


When not in use the barriers disappear from view, becoming part of the floor structure.. The barrier is pulled from the floor into closed position using a cable system driven by pneumatic or hydraulic rams.


Operational safety is built into the system via audible and visual pre-deployment alarms. Sensors can be used to detect entrance obstructions and prevent barrier deployment.


Flooding Solutions have developed a fail-safe power supply system that isolates the barrier from mains failure. Power is supplied exclusively by 24 volt batteries that are on permanent charge.

Ram Pull barrier
Ram Pull barrier
Ram Pull barrier

Flood Mitigation


Flood mitigation is essential to manipulate and control the flow of floodwater using various tools such as floodwalls or floodgates. Preparing for natural disasters is tricky since you’re not aware of the force that awaits you. However, having a flood mitigation plan in place will assist in minimising damage to your property which saves money in terms of the restoration process.


What to Expect From Us Regarding Flood Mitigation


We are the number one partner for flood protection products and solutions. We can assist with your flood threat assessment and offer practical answers that you can implement. Neglecting to adopt a plan to negate the effects of a flood can be detrimental with expensive consequences. To avoid this scenario, you require a competent company that can do a thorough evaluation and provide physical solutions.


  • We can work with architects and construction managers to include flood protection products into the fabric of the building to assist with the mitigation plan. From the planning stages, we’re available to guide the engineering design teams through to the completion of the project. We’ll assess the building location, history of flooding and the requirements of local councils and relevant authorities to meet your needs for optimal flood protection.

  • After evaluating the space that requires protection, we use local steel or aluminium to create our protection products. We’ll take time to understand your specific requirements and communicate with the design and fabrication teams to develop flood protection tools that suit your building.

  • As an operation that ensures your flood mitigation plans are effective, we offer our installation services. With decades of experience in the construction sector, you can depend on our installation team to equip your building with the appropriate flood protection devices regardless of the size of the project. Upon completion, we’ll provide training and instruction to ensure that you understand your system.


We’re actively involved with several Australian state and local government agencies to provide information relating to the impact of flood damage on properties. As flood mitigation consultants, we’ll assess the elements that place a project at risk of flooding. If you’re responsible for planning, maintaining and upgrading a flood mitigation plan for a building, you must talk to a professional.