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Ram Pull Self Closing and Automatic Flood Barriers

Flood Mitigation

What to Expect From Us Regarding Flood Mitigation

The barrier that recesses into the floor – a non-intrusive solution


Flooding Solutions designed and developed the RAM PULL for retro fit scenarios where there is no opportunity to excavate into structural slabs.  


Like the RAM PUSH , the RAM PULL rises from the ground to provide instantaneous flood protection either by the push of a button or, by capturing floodwater, self closes with no human intervention whatsoever.


When not in use the barriers disappear from view, becoming part of the floor structure.. The barrier is pulled from the floor into closed position using a cable system driven by pneumatic or hydraulic rams.


Operational safety is built into the system via audible and visual pre-deployment alarms. Sensors can be used to detect entrance obstructions and prevent barrier deployment.


Flooding Solutions have developed a fail-safe power supply system that isolates the barrier from mains failure. Power is supplied exclusively by 24 volt batteries that are on permanent charge.

Ram Pull barrier
Ram Pull barrier
Ram Pull barrier
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