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Flood barrier protects shopping centre

Featured Flood Protection Products

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Flooding Solutions supplies one of the most comprehensive ranges of flood protection products available in the world today.

Floodplank flood barrier system

Our Services

We Design, Supply/Fabricate, install and Maintain Flood Barriers, Flooding Solutions will advise on suitable control options for protection of property from the risk of flooding to either specific projects or larger precinct issues.

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Seamless integration of flood product into building fabric is provided by 

our in -house design facility.



Flooding Solutions is committed to supporting the Australian manufacturing industry.

Decades of construction industry experience help provide our clients with a highly professional...


Regular maintenance and inspections are provided by Flooding Solutions to ensure that our client’s equipment


We ensure that system deployment is thoroughly understood by our clients through regular training and... 

Who We Are

As most of Australia’s population resides on coastal floodplains, there are valid concerns about the growing flood threat to communities and economies. The Flooding Solutions  was established to provide innovative answers through new technologies to better prepare buildings and property to resist the impact of flooding.

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Don't wait until you get wet.

The Flood Solutions is actively involved across Australia with a number of State and Local Government Agencies as well as commercial and residential clients. We have provided information to the Insurance Council of Australia at seminars on limiting the impact of flooding on property. In addition, we act as flood mitigation planning consultants, providing assessment of issues that may, or indeed have, placed a project at risk of flooding due to storm event.​

If you are responsible for planning or upgrading flood protection for buildings or property, then you should be talking to the Flooding Solutions right now.

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