The Floodplank is a totally removable, temporary floodwall, designed to offer similar performance characteristics as permanent flood barriers.


Made from lightweight but sturdy extruded aluminium, each Floodplank stacks on top of the previous plank, an operation that can be completed by a single individual.


The Floodplank seals against flat floor surfaces. No sill is required, eliminating trip hazards.


Horizontal lengths to fit your opening width are made to measure. To provide continuous protection for larger openings or areas, multiple stacks of Floodplank can be swiftly erected using our Fast-Fit removable support 

stanchions. A unique feature of both our Floodplank and Floodgate systems, our stanchions are swiftly deployed without the need for bolts or other fixings.


Floodplanks can be supplied in steel storage cases that are custom made for each property in order to minimise space requirements.


The Floodplank system is an extremely effective yet relatively low cost flood protection option.

We have conducted performance tests on Floodplank at an accredited Australian authority, NSW Public Works Manly Hydraulics Laboratory. Click on the link for a copy of the report.