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Self Closing Flood Barriers

self closing flood barrier
SCFB in closed position
SCFB in open position
Installation of SCFB
self closing flood barrier (scfb)

The idea behind the brilliant Hyflo SCFB™ design is to harness the power of floodwater to raise the barrier, effectively using the problem to create the solution. Flash flooding scenarios limit the time available to deploy manually operated flood gates and demountable systems that are typically stored off site and require human intervention to assemble. The Hyflo SCFB™overcomes these limitations of manually deployed flood defences, and has the considerable advantage of not requiring any manpower during a flood warning, which would otherwise put lives at risk.

With a design life of 100 years, and requiring minimal maintenance, the Hyflo SCFB ™ is not only an extremely effective flood defence system, but it makes a strong economic case too. Minimal operational costs give the Hyflo SCFB ™ a distinct advantage over other systems in terms of ongoing costs.


When not in use the barrier is protected underground and its seals are sheltered from the elements. With an unblemished 100% deployment success record the Hyflo SCFB™ is a prime consideration when specifying a flood defence that is cost effective and passive -   (no people, no power). 

Key benefits:


  • NO WARNING SYSTEM and WARNING TIME REQUIRED - the Hyflo SCFB™ rises instantly through the rising water level

  • NO MANPOWER REQUIRED - the Hyflo SCFB™ is not energy driven and operates without any human intervention

  • NO STORAGE NEEDED - in resting position the barrier is invisible and fully self-protected

  • RAPID CLOSING TIME - In response to a fast flood the barrier will close within a minute

  • MAINTENANCE FREE - all applied elements represent the highest quality

  • UNLIMITED LENGTHS - the Hyflo SCFB™ can be built to any required length


The Self Closing Flood Barrier SCFB™ is protected and reserved by international granted patents under number NL1035546 /WO2009139622, current patent applications and Trade Mark number 010390029.

Stonehaven Flood Protection Scheme fly-through

Hyflo SCFB

Principle of the Hyflo SCFB™

How Hyflo scfb works
How Hyflo scfb works
How Hyflo scfb works
How Hyflo scfb works
How SCFB works
How Hyflo scfb works

Following installation and in non-flood conditions, all operational parts of the barrier are invisibly concealed in the ground inside its basin.

When floodwater rises to within

10cm below flood level, the

enclosed basin, which houses

the floating wall, starts to fill

up through an inlet pipe from

the adjacent service pit.


The flood wall floats and rises.

When the basin is totally filled,

the angled support block will '

lock the barrier into position

making it watertight.

The floodwater can now continue to rise without flooding the protected area.


As the water subsides , the flood water in the basin is drained by drain pipes with one way check valves.


As the water continues to drain from the basin, the flood wall returns to its resting position within the basin and the lid seals the barrier to protect the

barrier from waste and debris.

Innovative, effective and proven defence.


This award winning concept has been acclaimed as the world's most effective protection against

floods. The Self Closing Flood Barriers SCFB™ have now become the leading flood defence device in

its field. It has been in operational use around the globe since 1998 with a 100% success rate.



Natural disasters are difficult to predict. For this reason, it’s wise to prepare yourself and your assets for life after the disaster. Installing flood barriers is one step you can take to protect your property, reduce clean up and eliminate insurance claims. There are various options available, but the common ones are reusable and removable, which means you can store them away when there isn’t a threat of a flood. Flooding Solutions can help you prepare for these unfortunate events by supplying the necessary gear.



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