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Seamless integration of flood product into building fabric is provided by our in-house design facility.  We work closely with our client’s architectural and engineering design teams from early planning stage right through to project completion, ensuring optimal flood protection based on building location, flooding history and requirements specified by Councils and Consent Authorities. 


Flooding Solutions is committed to supporting the Australian manufacturing industry.  Most of our flood protection products are produced from local steel or aluminium and manufactured in factories in New South Wales and Queensland.  Close collaboration between our design and fabrication teams produce high quality flood protection devices tailored to the specific needs of our clients.


Decades of construction industry experience enable us to

provide our clients with a highly professional installation service,

for flood protection devices large or small.  Our installation technicians are highly trained, motivated individuals who strive

to meet our exacting standards


Regular maintenance and inspections are provided by Flooding Solutions to ensure that our client’s equipment is kept in top condition and ready to perform when required.


We ensure that system deployment is thoroughly understood by our clients through regular training and comprehensive instruction. Emphasis is placed on maintaining the skills and abilities of deployment personnel, particularly in organisations that experience high levels of staff turnover.

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