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Shopfront Custom Products

Space is at a premium in retail environments. Visibility is all-important.


Maintaining space and visibility in premises that also require flood protection is challenging to say the least.


Working with our client’s architects, we have developed custom entry and window protection devices that are specifically designed to minimise intrusion on space and visibility.

Bi-fold door barriers for shop entries

For double door shop entrances, we have designed flood doors that fold away into wall recesses when open. Offering up to 1500mm of flood protection, these sturdy bi-fold doors are opened and closed every day within minutes as part of the store’s daily routine. The doors are designed to drop into position on a flat threshold that enables entry trip hazards to be eliminated.

Bifold flood barrier
Bi folds for shop fronts

Built-in barriers increase flood protection height of tenancy walls

Our aluminium blade barriers rise from within the masonry walls to increase the flood protection height of the wall window sill. They can be raised or lowered automatically via hydraulic cylinders activated by pushbutton. Alternatively, a manual version of the barrier is easily wound up or down via a passive gear reduction system operated with a few turns of a ratchet tool. The photos show a typical fast food outlet that opens out to passersby via a set of folding windows. Our blade barriers are used to increase flood protection height when the windows are closed.

Bi folds for shop fronts
Bi folds for shop fronts
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