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Hinged (Swinging) Gates
Manual or self closing versions

Available in aluminium, stainless or mild steel, the hinged gate is installed at building openings for automated or manual closure.

Both options offer quick, convenient protection for your property during flooding. We design each barrier according to your opening widths and desired protection height.

Hinged gates are available in both single and double leaf, with or without a raised threshold sill.

Self-closing models have operational safety built into the system via audible and visual pre-deployment alarms. Infrared beams can be used to detect entrance obstructions and prevent barrier deployment

Flooding Solutions have developed a fail-safe power supply system that isolates the barrier from mains failure. Power is supplied exclusively by 24 volt batteries that are on permanent charge.

Hinged gate
Automated hinge gate
Flood swing gate
Manually closed swing gate

Hinged Gate Flood Barriers

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