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24/7 Flood Doors

Our 24/7 flood door combines the functions of a normal access door with a flood barrier.  


Once manually closed and latched, your property is protected from flooding, 24/7. This eliminates the need to have your facility monitored both day and night, and the need to deploy a separate flood protection barrier at the entry. The door is excellent for flooding conditions that happen with limited notice when you may not be prepared.


Pre-hung on the frame, ready to install, the 24/7 flood door can be fitted with panic exit bars, lever handles, door closers and locking and latching hardware. 


The 24/7 flood door is available in mild or stainless steel. Double doors are available for larger openings, and viewing panels are optional features.

We have conducted performance tests on our 24/7 flood door at an accredited Australian authority, NSW Public Works Manly Hydraulics Laboratory. Click on the link for a copy of the report. 

IMG_2932 (1)
Double width flood Door
Push Bar for Flood Door
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