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Automated Drop Down

Designed to floodproof areas where physical obstructions inhibit installation of barriers requiring in-ground housing pits, the Automated Drop Down is placed above building openings. Originally designed for warehouse, loading bays other wide external entrances, Flooding Solutions has advanced the design for use in a concealed arrangement to protect doorway entries at commercial retail tenancies.


An electric motor lowers the barrier panel into position to provide excellent flood defence to heights of up to 3 metres.


The Drop Down is a self-closing device that captures floodwater to seal building openings with no human intervention whatsoever.


Importantly, the Drop Down can be activated at the push of a button on a control panel or even remotely via mobile phone for precautionary deployment prior to flood event.

Automated Drop Down Barrier
Drop Down flood barrier
Self Closing Drop Down
Large Drop Down

Applications of Drop Down barrier

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