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Flood Roller Doors

Flood barrier and roller door in one, with Self Closing option.


This roller door is a flood barrier that gives you the added benefit of enhanced security and storm protection for your building.


The Flood Roller Door consists of a stainless steel frame and aluminium door slats. Seals are compressed using hydraulic pressure from rams located on the rollers side frame.


For normal daily use the Flood Roller Door is activated at the push of a keyring transmitter. To enable flood protection the Flood Roller Door can be installed with Self Closing technology, using captured floodwater to activate a sequence that compresses the seals with no human intervention whatsoever.

Operational safety is built into the system via audible and visual pre-deployment alarms. Sensors can be used to detect entrance obstructions and prevent barrier deployment.

The system features a fail-safe uninterrupted power supply that isolates the barrier from mains failure. Power is supplied exclusively by 24 volt batteries that are on permanent charge.

Automated Drop Down
Automated Drop Down
Warringah Mall flood roller door
Flood roller door
proetcts carpark from flooding


  • Made from sturdy aluminium slats

  • Spans widths up to 7000mm in single opening.

  • Ventilation panels may be incorporated

  • Automatic operation through logic control box and key ring.

  • Photo electric safety beams.

  • Self Closing flood protection option.

Curious to see a flood roller door?

Watch the video here.

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