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Hinged Swing Gates

Manual, automatic or self closing versions.


Available in aluminium, stainless or mild steel, the hinged gate is installed at building openings for automated or manual closure.

Both options offer quick, convenient protection for your property during flooding. We design each barrier according to your opening widths and desired protection height.

Hinged gates are available in both single and double leaf, with or without a raised threshold sill.

On the automatic and self-closing models, operational safety is built into the system via audible and visual pre-deployment alarms. Sensors can be used to detect entrance obstructions and prevent barrier deployment

Flooding Solutions have developed a fail-safe power supply system that isolates the barrier from mains failure. Power is supplied exclusively by 24 volt batteries that are on permanent charge. 

Hinged gate
Automated hinge gate
Flood swing gate
Manually closed swing gate



Hinged Gate



Retractable Flood Barriers


What Are Retractable Flood Barriers?


Retractable flood barriers are mostly used for protection at driveway entry points. Whether that’s for commercial property or residential property, we will customise them to fit any length of the entry point. With a hydraulic system, the gates are opened and closed by remote, so no manpower is needed and the electricity usage is minimised as the barriers are run by batteries. This eliminates the scenario whereby the barriers falling to deploy because of power outage.


The Importance of Retractable Flood Barriers


Retractable flood barriers are the best defence against flooding and the protection of your business. When you are faced with a natural disaster panic starts to sink in and it can cloud your judgment, which is why you need something that will be able to prevent any damage from being done in the shortest amount of time. Luckily, our flood gates will close before floodwater can cross the opening.


  • One of the most crucial aspects to consider is the cost involved, which is why we provide you with the best prices out there. We recommend that you only do maintenance on your flood gates once or twice a year because we design them to take a punch, and with the minimum power usage, you won’t have to worry about increased costs to your electricity bill.

  • These flood gates don’t need any storage as they fit perfectly against the wall of the building and don’t create an eyesore for anyone driving by.


Tips Regarding Flood Barriers


Our main purpose is to keep the people of Australia safe against any flooding. We want to help protect what is most precious to you and your family. This fact is why we want to give you some tips to remember when looking to install a flood gate, or maybe you just want to examine the possible dangers.


  • The first thing you’ll have to look at is the elevation of your house. If you’re sitting downhill or against elevation, this will be important when installing your flood gates.

  • The second thing you’ll want to look at is your garden. If you are looking to decrease the risk of flooding towards your house, other than with a flood gate, you can plant some bushes, shrubs, or a nice landscape of grass. These will almost act like anchors for the ground stopping the excess water from moving forward.


About Flooding Solutions


We have the widest range of demountable and automated flood gates for your convenience and protection. They serve as a solid shield against devastating floods. Our team of professionals has installed numerous flood gates protecting lives and homes, and we want to protect you as well.


Contact us today if you need any assistance in installing a flood gate or if you just have any questions.

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