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Expanding panel seals doorways and wider apertures in just minutes.


Floodpanel is a re-usable removable barrier originally developed as a door defence for flood-prone residential property.


Floodpanels main benefit is how quickly a single person can seal entrances (as little as 2 minutes per Floodpanel).


A standard Floodpanel offers superior protection to sandbags.





Entry walkways

Shop front entries



No raised sill

Lower cost

Minimal manpower required, minimal storage



No trip hazard.

Affordable flood protection.

Can be deployed by a single Individual.

No unsightly wall fittings



Design safety factor of barrier supporting elements are rated against design flood levels to maintain a minimum 2:1 relationship. Metal yield strengths are selected based on the total N/m2 able to be developed as a result of design flood height.


Barrier supporting stanchions are designed to transfer the total developed hydrostatic loads to building structure supporting walls, floors or pavements.



Duragal sections and mild steel sheets

RHS sections to AS 1163.

Structural sections to AS 3679.


Barrier wall strikes for installation alignment and side support are manufactured from aluminium alloy to AS 1892:1 and AS 3620:1996.


Permanent in-ground couplings are manufactured from heavy duty stainless steel sections with Brushed Stainless Steel Lids.


Removable stanchions are manufactured from aluminium alloy to AS 1892:1-1996 and AS 3620:1996.


Powder coating or 2 pac paint system over base steel of Duragal or galvanised pre-finish.



7mm Neoprene, cover factory mounted to panel assembly


Seal performance under design flood levels for water formula.

Pressure in liquid = depth x density x gravitational acceleration.

I.e. At 2.5m depth = 24525N/m2

Design allowance 2.5 times design flood pressure.

Effective water seal exceeds the intent of design standards allowable leakage rate under design flood level.

Seal material – selected size/thickness of UV resistant E.P.D.M.



Seal performance based on the British Standard Institutes PAS1188.1 2009 Specification Part 1 Building Aperture Products.

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